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Meet the Team


I am a community designer.

I take part because I care about people and the world and our futures. I want to be able to influence change in my community and at a wider level.

I started coming to CN4C activities as a user of their services and progressed to being a volunteer and running groups.


Recently I have become a trustee to keep the place I love safe and moving forward.


I am a community artist living in Redruth.


I have been involved in co-design at CN4C for the last 6 years.


I enjoy drawing and painting pictures that represent our discussions and also write poems on issues that arise in my life.


Hiya, my name is Sacha.


I’m 43. I’m not originally from Cornwall but it is now home to me. 


I live with my lovely husband in Callington, who I met through CN4C, so we had a CN4C wedding!


I enjoy gaming, crafting and making people laugh.  The reason I want to bring change is I want to give back to the community of Cornwall because it’s given me joy. 



My name is Chris. I am 59 years old and live in Callington. 


I started out on my journey with CN4C in 2019 and with their help and my determination I am in a much better place in my life.


 I now volunteer for the organisation and have become a trustee as this is my way of giving back and helping others.



I have been involved with numerous co-design events over the years with CN4C. I first joined them over 9 years ago as a service user with my twin sons and then as a volunteer and am now a trustee.


I bring my own lived experiences, particularly as a parent of twins , with one with additional needs. I work to help improve the future of Cornwall so that its more equal for everyone within our county.



I come from South Wales and I was homeless when I came to Cornwall because I was escaping abuse which I had experienced all my life.


I’ve worked with the police, social services and created my own neighbourhood watch area.


I’ve organised trips and a fete, and I enjoy doing things for the community and where I’m living.


Hi, I'm Jas. I’ve been involved with community design for the last 18 months.


I started with the young learners project, TOAST which helped me to overcome challenges because of my adverse experiences.


My life is now going well – I have a new home and am employed part time as a community worker at CN4C.


Watch out for me – I’m going places.



Hi I'm Ben and I've always lived in Cornwall. 


I enjoy computers, music and anime and am the tech wizard of the group.  I'm funny and kind with a gentle nature.  

I am part of the co-design group because I want to influence change. 


I've had some less than great experiences in my life and don't want others to have the same journey as me.  



Hello, I am Sonja, I have lived in Cornwall my whole life. 


I like being outside and doing puzzles - I like to keep my mind active!


I have a good sense of humour and can make those around me laugh. 


I want to help people - in the best way for us both.  I joined the co-design team to help me to do this. 

‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!’

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Hi, I'm Tarn and I am the CEO at CN4C.


I enjoy supporting our community members to find their courage to speak their truth to power and am a champion of equity, diversity and inclusion. I facilitate co-design with community members and service professionals to design creative solutions to sticky issues.

I’m also a non-executive member of the Integrated Care Board for Cornwall helping to bring about systems change.

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Hi I'm Sarah and I am CN4C's Strategy and Communications Manager. 


I joined CN4C in January and have had the wonderful opportunity of being involved in the co-design project, supporting the team with digital design and administration.

Through this project, I have learnt a lot about lived experiences and speaking truth to power. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this project continues to progress!

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