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Housing and Homelessness


As a group we believe everyone should have a safe home.  


We know that having a safe home is so important to your physical and mental health.  We also know that there is not enough social housing or suitable rentable housing in Cornwall for the need we have.  Yet we have a wide variety of holiday lets which are unavailable for those who are needing permanent housing.    


We know that help can be hard to access and so we did a deep dive into housing and homelessness in Cornwall and how it affects people in reality.  This has been a focus of ours for over a year now and we have worked with a variety of different people and organisations to find out more.  We wanted to know what was out there to help and how easy it was to access.  


For example Cornwall only has 11% social housing and needs far more, so what happens to those that fall through the cracks?  We hoped to find this out as well as much more.

Findings H&H


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What We Are Doing

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