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Children and Families


In Cornwall, we have one of the highest poverty rates in the UK.  Many children live in inadequate housing, which is poorly maintained or overcrowded. 

Families who are on low incomes or on means tested benefits struggle to live on a day to day basis, especially with the rising costs of living, which have recently hit us, this is a grave concern for families.  Many children have poor diets and rely on the one free meal school may provide.  

The co-design events give ‘us’, the people who have real lived experience, the chance to have a say for future improvements for children and families. 

Findings C&F


The high poverty rates underscore pressing social challenges. Numerous children endure substandard living conditions characterized by inadequate housing, often poorly maintained or overcrowded. Families reliant on low incomes or means-tested benefits face daily struggles exacerbated by the recent surge in living costs, posing a significant threat to their well-being. Many children suffer from inadequate nutrition, relying heavily on the solitary free meal provided by schools.

As well as this families where one or more child may have additional needs frequently encounter significant challenges due to inadequate support systems. Despite the pressing necessity, many of these families struggle to access the essential resources and assistance required to adequately care for their children. This lack of support not only places additional strain on already stretched caregivers but also hinders the development and well-being of the children themselves.

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