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Health and Wellbeing


Our health and wellbeing is integral to us all leading happy and productive for us lives as valued members of our community. 

Differences in standards of health are found across Cornwall - the postcode lottery - and for some services, especially those around mental health there are no services in the county. 

People's wellbeing is integral to them being able to lead happy, productive, fulfilling lives and this is often not taken into account when offering treatments. Social prescribing is beginning to take some of this pressure of off GPs and other medical professionals but there needs to be more available within the communities which we live in. 

There are some amazing community action groups going but these are often not known about by the wider in need community due to lack of publicity. 

We hope to bring a fairer, more equitable system into being where everyones holistic wellbeing is taken into account. 

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